Naahmdesign is born from the desire to live a fullfilled life.

Jennifer Ammerbacher started in 2014 with her creative journey and My Little Bombahjack is one of her outcomes.

With the support of her husband Deejaybabsafrojollof and the birth of her first born, Mama Fatou, she felt confident enought to show the world her creativity. She also like to thank Narcis Maduro from Curacao for the sewing details. 


Jenny Jennifer (28 June, 1983) mother of two beautifull kids, works and lives in Amsterdam. In her daily life she is a teacher for children with special needs and in her spare time she likes to spend time with her family and her projects for Naahmdesign.

Her logo is based on her horoscope 'Cancer'. Love and live with all my heart.